Colquitt Versus Walton On Tap In Round 2 GHSA 7-A Playoffs

December 3, 2020 – Moultrie, GA

Colquitt easily handled visiting Brookwood in its first round playoff matchup this past Friday,November 27th at Tom White Field at Mack Tharpe Stadium. The now 8-0 Packers defeated the Broncos 49-3.  (Game Recap Video Above)

Friday, December 4th at 7:30 PM Colquitt will host a 6-5 Walton Raiders team out of Marietta. Walton advanced with a 49-9 victory over McEachern on Friday. If Colquitt prevails against Walton and Norcross wins, the Packers will be traveling for a quarterfinal showdown versus Norcross. Norcross will matchup against an 8-2 Roswell squad this Friday.

The GHSA universal coin toss occurred Wednesday for the quarterfinals. Teams on the higher slot on the bracket will have the home field advantage if two same-seeded teams meet.

Walton vs. Colquitt Stat Comparison

WaltonColquitt County
162.7Rushing Yards Per Game180.0
228.8Passing Yards Per Game200.3
391.5Total Yards Per Game380.3
62.4Tackles Per Game91.6
1.3Sacks Per Game4.9
27.5Points Per Game45.6
Pancake Blocks355

Team Leaders

WaltonColquitt CountyNational Avg.
#7 Kenny Djaha 68.9Rushing Yards Per Game#11 Xavier Williams 60.622.0
#3 Zak Rozsman 174.1Passing Yards Per Game#11 Xavier Williams 155.053.0
#3 Zak Rozsman 206.0Total Yards Per Game#11 Xavier Williams 215.638.3
#33 Eric Zeiher 8.3Tackles Per Game#9 Antwan Daniels 8.63.0
#64 Patrick O’connell 1.0Sacks Per Game#96 Marcus Ponder 0.60.2
#32 Braylen Stokes 6.7Points Per Game#8 Charlie Pace 7.72.7
Pancake Blocks#67 Tyler Meads 316

Common Opponents

SchoolCommon Opp. Rec.SchoolCommon Opp. Rec.
Walton0-1Colquitt County1-0
9/18/20BrookwoodWalton(L) 43-3211/27/20BrookwoodColquitt County(W) 49-3